Hello there,

I believe that producing the best quality product is all about collaboration.  I work directly with a wide array of farmers and artisans from a pecan farmer in Georgia, a maple syrup producer in New Hampshire, to Oregon coast flake salt from Ben Jacobsen, and many more.

I am not just in the business of making an outstanding product.  I am in the business of forming relationships and showcasing other’s exceptional products.  I could geek out about where each of my products comes from, how I came in contact with the producers, or the distinct flavor profile that separates Elliot pecans from Mammoth; but I am just as happy knowing that, even if someone does not share my enthusiasm for the details, at least they had an enjoyable (and memorable) cup of granola.

That being said, I would like to share with you the many artisans with whom I collaborate with to help make Conundrum Unordinary.

Bee Local Honey                    Portland, OR

Bob’s Red Mill                     Milwaukie, OR

Briden Wilson Farm              Arbuckle, CA

Cacao                                     Portland, OR

Diamond Grove Pecans          Colbert, GA

Freddy Guys Hazelnuts    Monmouth, OR

Hill Meat Co.                       Pendleton, OR

Jacobsen Salt Co.                  Portland, OR

Larsen’s Creamery            Clackamas, OR

Live Forest Farms                 Portland, OR

Monadnock Sugar House        Jaffrey, NH

Sheridan Fruit Co.                Portland, OR

Yurosek Farms                  Bakersfield, CA

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